The Story So Far

In September 2021 the planning application for the BioPark was rightly rejected by the Council. They have now appealed to the Planning Inspectorate and a Planning Inquiry will take place. We must ensure the Planning Inspectorate comes to the same decision as the Council.

It will be a Planning Inquiry, a formal process with planning barristers, expert witnesses and around 8 days of evidence. Keep the G, together with WGC Heritage Trust, have therefore appointed a Planning Consultant to help us put forward the best possible case and win.

We all consider the Biopark Appeal is a pivotal event in our campaign against over-development. Success will put in place the means to preserve our heritage, sustain our quality of life, and directly influence the future course of our unique town.

But we need your help to fight the appeal. If it is successful it will allow the building of a large number of up to 9-storey high, densely-packed tower blocks on this site.

Funds are needed urgently as the appeal process is already underway.

Please give as generously as you can to help us fight these proposals and safeguard what we love about this town. You can make a difference by giving as an individual, house or neighbourhood/street donating to help protect our town. 

Please donate here: and using Gift Aid will make your money goes further.

Please do share the page though to help us meet the goal.

Be part of the fight... Your contribution will make a difference!

Howard said

"The people of the Garden City will not for a moment permit the beauty of their city to be destroyed by the process of growth. The town will grow, but it will grow in accordance with a principle which will result in this - that such growth shall not lesson or destroy, but ever add to its social opportunities, to its beauty, to its convenience."


The KTG Team
On behalf of Keep the G in WGC and Heritage Trust


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