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The core group of Keep the G, has developed a mission statement to share with you, which

we hope will explain our aims and bring more people along with us on our journey.

"We are a community group focussed on working with residents, developers and the local authority to ensure that new developments offer sustainable and tangible benefits to Welwyn Garden City, and they complement, enhance and reflect Garden City principles, values and heritage”

We have some very exciting news for you!

Over the past year, we have been working closely with our friends at the Welwyn Garden City Heritage Trust; collaborating on a range of projects including the Biopark Appeal, the Vintage Fair, the Save WGC protest and various other applications and events.

During this time we have come to realise that while our organisations are slightly different, our primary aims and goals are very similar, namely to protect and promote Welwyn Garden City.

So, we are pleased to tell you that we have decided to join forces, and our two organisations will be merging to form one, more cohesive and formidable organisation for WGC residents.

Our aim is not to make the whole of WGC a static living museum, but to ensure that as development and much-needed housing comes to the town, it is appropriate and it respects the past, present and future of our wonderful town.

More details about the new group will follow in the coming days and weeks, but in the meantime, some of the trustees from our core teams have made this short video to tell you a little more about the merger, we hope you like it…

Together we will work to protect and promote, Welwyn Garden City



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Live planning applications

Developers have set their sights on WGC and many seek to build inappropriately high density housing in the second Garden City. Read our information about the sites that Keep the G in WGC has chosen to object to and campaign against.


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This site was originally awarded consent in 2018 for 648 units, as part of the hybrid Shredded Wheat site. The new owner, MTVH, submitted a new application for an additional 291 units. Learn more about this application.


Screenshot 2022-01-26 170226.jpg

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The Shredded Wheat North site was originally awarded planning consent to develop 811 units in 2018. In 2021 the developer submitted a new application for an additional 419 units and is in the process of amending that application yet again. Learn more about this application.


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We have heard back from the inspector regarding the Biopark appeal and, unfortunately, he upheld the appeal, meaning planning permission is granted for the construction of 289 dwellings.



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We support Ebenezer Howard’s vision to welcome everyone building a diverse community, living alongside people from all backgrounds. The design principles were based on living in peace, friendship and the ability to enjoy each other’s company. Residents celebrated art, culture, and a shared love and appreciation of beautiful natural surroundings.

Tree-lined streets and an abundance of green space made it possible for all to enjoy the dream.



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We are a small community group and receive no public funding. Everything we have achieved already has been done through donations and volunteering by people like you. Find out how you can get involved and support us in spreading the word.



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Keep the G continues to raise awareness and interest in major new planning applications which are inappropriate for WGC in terms of size, density, design and negative effect on the world’s Second Garden City. Read our comments, relevant articles and objections shared with other groups.

Vintage Fair Saturday the 24th June

We will be at the Vintage Fair on Saturday the 24th June, stand 9. We'll be located at the same place as last time, right under the trees, almost next to Carpetright (former FHW) on Howardsgate. We have printed a fabulous WGC large tea towel, based on a 1924 illustration that pictured residents wearing wellies to KX on the train. Roads hadn't yet been built so hardy commuters would leave their wellies on the platform ready for the ride home in the evening. They are fantastic quality we are so pleased with them. Cotton. Perfect for clearing up after a weekends' BBQ! You can buy from us at the Vintage Fair, all in aid of the Together charity.  When we sell out and we will, we will take orders.

We'll also be selling the WGC Four Seasons A4 image too. Lots of great tombola prizes. Come down and see us on Saturday to join in the fun

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